The Facility

Our Facility

The studio is a massive .45 hectare 4,538m2 (48,846sqft), 1.1 acre clear span building with no internal walls or columns in the internal studio area 3,802m2 (40,924 sqft). Within the studio space there are numerous offices / meeting rooms, Ample work spaces exist some of which have dual internal and external access throughout the full 87m (285f), length of the pre-production area. A kitchen/canteen is available for the preparation of food and refreshments. There are supporting facilities such as toilets and showers.

     Space Flexibility to meet your production requirements
The Studio floor can be excavated to enable subterranean features or alternatively the terrain topography can be altered to suit production requirements as in the past to create a 198,000 gallon - 750,000 litre water set.
Narnia set was excavated 8m below floor level.
This feature can also be utilised to create even greater height to the ceiling if required. Floor to ceiling height ranges from 7m (22ft), to 16m (52ft) and it has been excavated to a depth of 8m height (27ft). Depth/height is a matter of client's needs and requirements.
The studio working area floor can be excavated to within a metre of the internal structures if required, some flexibility to redesigning or removing entirely those existing structures is also possible.
Studio access is by way of four large doors through each external wall allowing large vehicles containing freight, machinery and materials to be easily loaded and unloaded inside, under cover. Personnel access doors are also on all sides of the Studio.


Rural landscape -  WATER FEATURE


Kelly Park Film Studio Grounds